SEO Growth Hacking Session

Rob Campbell and his office coffee maker grand prizeI’m here at EventMobi‘s beautiful downtown Toronto office enjoying another fine SEO talk from Rob Campbell (aka SmoJoe). Tonight we are looking at organic search engine optimization through the lens of growth hacking with the MeetUp group, GrowthHackTO.

Rob has walked us through his SEO tactics, which are extremely effective and why we work with him often at Surround. His approach is a unique multi-media technique which creates layers of content, all interlinked in a natural format. The result is top search page rank for the target website, usually a client sponsor.

Basically, what Rob does is take a website and rank it #1 in Google for a chosen keyword. His approach has evolved in the years I’ve know him, and keeps getting better. In a simple form these are the steps:

  1. choose a keyword that will have a valuable return for your website (or your client). That is to say, if you had search traffic from people who searched this keyword, would they represent a valuable source of leads or customers, users, sign-ups, etc.
  2. take original photos and host them on trusted websites (flickr, wordpress)
  3. devise creative, interesting stories that relate to your product/service in some way and get this article published in the best, biggest, most trusted magazine or newspaper or other publication that you can
  4. bookmark this article on social bookmarking sites and social media
  5. write secondary articles and publish those on other sites. Use the same photos from their original source
  6. bookmark and interlink those with the original article

Whew. That’s a lot of work. If you are not a passionate writer by heart, it will be hard to get this far. Rob has dozens or maybe hundreds of places where he can publish original content as he’s been doing this for so long, and he’s a born story teller. Minstrel is the metaphor he used today.

We took a vote from among half a dozen promising start-ups and the group chose Jane Wang of My Health Sphere, a Toronto health app to be the one we help rank with the efforts of this workshop.

 There were a number of startups who pitched for the opportunity for the group to work on ranking their website. I voted for , an online marketplace for used children’s stuff.

We’ve blogged, tweeted, taken photos, and even given away an office coffee maker, courtesy of Vigorate Digital Ecommerce Software. 

Rob predicts that Jane’s will hit page #1 in Google for ‘health apps’ in about 6 weeks. Let’s see!


Ventolin Usa