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Web Host Comparison

Website Hosting Service Comparison

Comparison GoDaddy NetworkSolutions Yahoo! HostPapa Netfirms
Hosting Type
Private Registration $9.99/yr. Free with 6 or more domains registered at once $9.99/yr per domain $9.00/yr with domain registration only ($11.88 with hosting)
Domain Forwarding Free $12.99/yr per domain Free
E-mail 5 E-mail addresses for $2.49/month 1 E-mail address for $1.42/month 1 E-mail address for $2.91/month
SSL Security Certificate $69.99/yr $139/yr $47.88/yr (US only)
Phone Support Awesome! Ok 24 hr toll free
E-mail Support Good Slow Good
Online Self Help Support Ok Poor Ok
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*All Prices are $USD

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